Our Solar Air Furnaces are designed with simplicity and affordability in mind. The main component of each unit is a 4x8 foot solar collector panel. The panel contains baffles to direct air flow and is backed by a specialized, heat-absorbing metal film. The baffles and absorber plate are covered by a sheet of special solar glass and surrounded by a metal frame. This collector panel is mounted and installed next to the south side of the house, where it absorbs heat from the sun.  A solar panel placed on the roof and tilted toward the sun provides power to a DC blower. The system is connected to the house by two air ducts: supply and return. Whenever the air inside the collector panel is warmer than the temperature set on the heating system's thermostat, a blower inside the system turns on and warm air is pushed into the house. The blower fan is the system's only moving part.

Our Solar Furnaces reduce a family's monthly utility bill by 20-25 percent, leaving money for important items like food, medicine, and clothing. These supplemental solar air heating units are an inexpensive, simple to use, and environmentally sound way to bring comfort to families struggling to heat their homes during the bitter winter months.


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