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Lakota Solar Enterprises builds solar air furnaces and provides green job training to Native American communities throughout the United States.


Solar Air Furnaces

The presence of solar heating systems on reservations not only provides substantial economic and environmental advantages, but important cultural benefits as well. In recent times, a movement has emerged which strives to reestablish the connection of Native Americans to their natural environment. The harmony between nature and man is an important belief, but one that is slipping away due in part to harmful modern technologies that produce pollution and degrade the natural landscape. The use of safe, sustainable solar heating systems provides a new energy approach for Native Americans on reservations, allowing them to live with more dignity while maintaining their traditional balance with Mother Nature. 

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Green Job Training

Lakota Solar Enterprises offers a wide-range of green job training opportunities for Native Americans, including:

  • Solar Heating

  • Solar PV (Grid-Tied and Battery-Tied)

  • Solar Water Pumps

  • Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Building with Compressed Earth Block and Straw Bale

  • Green Business Development in Indian Country


The Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

In 2008, Henry opened the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC), a significant expansion of LSE’s solar energy training and manufacturing efforts on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The RCREC is a one-of-a-kind educational facility where tribes from all over the nation can receive hands-on training on renewable energy applications from fellow Native American trainers. To date, hundreds of tribal members have received training from LSE and out partners. With their new knowledge and skills, tribal members can return to their communities to start beneficial renewable energy programs and green businesses.

Since July 2009, RCREC has been powered by solar electricity—produced by a 2kW photovoltaic array donated by Namaste Solar out of Boulder, Colorado. RCREC’s facilities also include demonstration solar heaters, straw bale and compressed earth block (CEB) home demo sites, wind turbine, green houses and garden, buffalo from the Red Cloud herd, and wind-break and shade trees.

In October 2013, LSE and Trees, Water & People opened the doors to the Sacred Earth Lodge, a one-of-a-kind dormitory and training center in Indian Country. We host hundreds of guests each year at the new Lodge. Please come visit!

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