Solar Lighting

Our Solar Lighting Program and training serves two different needs - camp lighting and household lighting.


Camp Lighting - We have supplied solar power stations and many solar lights for Native Water Protector camps such as Standing Rock Mni Wiconi and the Line 3 Water Protector camps.  Our lights in a bucket are simple, effective and inexpensive to make.  They can also be color coded for the larger camps to delineate medical, food, and security etc. locations.    


Home Lighting - For some of the residents at Pine Ridge and other reservations, having electricity is not an option because of the extreme cost to get it to the more remote homes.  We do though train on how to put up solar home lights so that families have simple and inexpensive lighting for their homes and businesses.  Helps kids do their homework and Grandma do her beading at night!

Solar Light in Bucket.jpg

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Check out our video for information on how Solar Lighting is helping Natives live better and have brighter futures!