solar warrior farm

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​Our small farm has a “row-crop” area that is usually growing vegetables and herbs for local use and educational purposes. We feed the on-site families, students and guests and have often distributed our locally grown organic food to local Lakota families who need it most – at the Diabetes Treatment facility.

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Additionally, we are developing a Lakota Forage program across RCREC’s entire 10 acres where we have identified a variety of locations where Lakota traditional foods are growing (e.g. wild grapes, chokecherries, buffalo berries, Jerusalem artichokes, wild plums, wild turnips, and wild onions etc.). Our plan is to nurture and expand these natural areas and add in additional ones as well.  We will map their locations and create a self-guided booklet that identifies the plants, their traditional uses and how to grow and nurture them.  We will also distribute a version of this guide to Indian colleges across the Great Plains, as well as middle and high school students on the Pine Ridge Reservation.